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Sakura Gelly Roll Pens: Set of 10 and 20 colors

  • $32.89 USD

The Sakura Gelly Roll Pen is the first that uses gel as its ink. With its smooth-flowing ink and pigmented colors, it's a no wonder the Gelly Roll becomes a favorite among crafters and DIY-ers!


Available in
  • Set of 10 Souffle Pens (pastel colors)
  • Set of 10 AquaLip Pens (vibrant colors)
  • Set of 20 Pens at 10% off (includes 10 AquaLip and 10 Souffle)
  • Set of 10 Classic Pens (basic colors)
  • Set of 10 Glaze Pens (glossy colors)
  • Set of 12 Metallic Pens (shiny colors)
  • Set of 12 Moonlight Pens (fluorescent colors)
  • Set of 12 Stardust Pens (glitter colors)
Color palettes in each set Refer to pictures below
Writing Point

0.8mm for AquaLip Pens

1.0mm for Souffle Pens


The AquaLip pens contain a 3D ink with a glossy finish that can write on different surfaces - excellent for art projects. Because of its unique ink, it is recommended to write slowly and let it dry completely for the best effect.


The Souffle pens feature a 3D ink that can also write on various surfaces, but is matte instead of glossy. The colors of Souffle are pastel and show up brilliantly on black paper.



Other awesome shots of the AquaLip and Souffle pens:

Other Sakura Gelly Roll Pens in this series:



Lovely artworks using these pens:


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