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Pink Stationery Bundle

  • $87.81 USD

Looking for a perfect gift set for someone or to pamper yourself? Our quality stationery bundle is here to do just that! 

Our team has curated the most popular pink-colored items and bundled them together, just for stationery fans like you ♡ Compared to shopping the items individually, you can get 15% off with our savings bundle.



(Clickable product links below)

Stationery queen bundle

(15% off)

Stationery addict bundle

(15% off)

Stationery  lover bundle

(15% off)

Stationery junkie bundle

(15% off)

A) Pouched Pencil Case
B) Cute Stationery Organizer

C) Tokyo Lifestyle Backpack

D) Pouched Laptop Case
E) Pastel Grid Pen Organizer
F) A5 Pastel Bullet Journal (Dotted, Lined, Blank, Grid page)
G) MUJI Style Sakura Gel Pen Set
H) Round Memo Me Sticky Notes
I) Pink Washi Tape Gift Box



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