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Gameboy Samsung Case: 30+ games

Gameboy Samsung Case: 30+ games

Gameboy Samsung Case: 30+ games

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Phone case Available for all iPhone and Samsung models. For the iPhone model, click this link
Special feature Functions both as a phone case and a built-in gameboy console that includes 36 playable games for the colorful display!
Material Hard Gameboy back
Soft TPU frame


36 games included for full color display:
1. Super Contra
2. Super Mario Bros.
3. Hungry Rose Square
4. Bomber
5. Balloon Fight
6. Dajingang
7. Off-Road Locomotive
8. The Big Bee
9. Jackie Chan Kicks Off
10. Fast Hitting Bricks
11. Backgammon
12. Mahjong
13. Knocking On Ice Cubes
14. Pac-Man
15. Pipeline Mary
16. Tennis
17. Circus
18. Pig Shooting Wolf
19. Tank Battle
20. F1 Grand Prix
21. Happy Marbles
22. Football World Cup
23. Gold Digger
24. Love Cottage
25. The Olympic Games
26. Air Warfare 1942
27. Macross Fortress
28. Interstellar Power
29. Road Racing
30. Badminton Open
31. Red Towel Agent Team
32. Flying Man Jack
33. Chinese Chess
34. Street Fighting Kid
35. Cat Catch Mouse
36. Pitching Contest
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