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Faber-Castell Solid Watercolor Set

  • $50.58 USD

Faber-Castell, the famous German brand known for its high quality, has finally released its Solid Watercolor Set!

Featuring vibrant colors, this dynamic medium consists of compact, acid-free pigment sticks that can smoothly blend together. Each set comes with a refillable water brush and a sponge. The detachable case is also easy to clean.

A perfect portable kit for anyone who loves to start painting ♡


Sets available 24 / 36 / 48 colors

5.86 / 7.24 x 4.88 / 5.31 inch

(14.9 / 18.4 x 12.4 / 13.5 cm)


P.S. You can view similar solid pigment sets by clicking this link (Compared to Faber-Castell, the Bianyo brand is a simpler and more affordable alternative.)


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