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Pink Stationery Bundle

  • $73.62 USD

Looking for a perfect gift set for someone or to pamper yourself? Our quality stationery bundle is here to do just that! 

Our team has curated the most popular pink-colored items and bundled them together, just for stationery fans like you ♡ Compared to shopping the items individually, you can get 10% off with our savings bundle.



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Stationery queen bundle

(20% off)

Stationery addict bundle

(20% off)

Stationery  lover bundle

(15% off)

Stationery junkie bundle

(15% off)

A) Pouched Pencil Case
B) Cute Stationery Organizer

C) Waterproof Sport Backpack


Tokyo Lifestyle Backpack

D) Pouched Laptop Case
E) Pastel Grid Pen Organizer (2 pieces)
F) Pastel Bullet Journal (Dotted / Lined / Blank / Grid page)
G) MUJI Style Sakura Gel Pen Set
H) Gradient Tab Sticky Notes
I) Pink Washi Tape Gift Box
Total Price

US $145

(previously US $181)

US $115

(previously US $144)

US $87.55

(previously US $103)

US $73.46

(previously US $86.43)



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