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Set of 12 Japanese "Milkliner" Style Double-Headed Highlighters

  • $14.28 USD

These Japanese "Milkliner" Style Highlighters are a must have for every stationery addict and bullet journaler! They're very popular because the water-based ink produces soft colors on paper.

Each highlighter is double-headed, so you can either use the oblique brush tip or the rounded tip to highlight finer lines :)

Each set includes 12 highlighters

Green, yellow, orange,

light pink, red, pink,

light purple, purple,

dark blue, blue, sky blue,

bluish green


P.S. These Japanese "Milkliner" Style Highlighters are not official Zebra products. Instead, they're a homage to Zebra's famous style😊

Check out the pictures below for more detail!


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